Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of Questions asked about what a Snapchat Takeover involves, here we try answer them

What is a Snapchat Takeover

A Snapchat takeover is when you log into our Snapchat for a set amount of time and make your own Snap Story for our followers.

Do I have to get Nude

No you don't! A lot of our followers are used to girls getting nude on our Takeovers but you don't have to if you don't want to.

Can I promote myself

You can promote anything you like as long as your Takeover backs it up. Your own Snapchat, Twitters, Tumblrs, Facebooks, Websites - Whatever!

Can I block people who Screenshot

A lot of people take screenshots, it's just the nature of the internet, you can block them if you want, but if we blocked everyone who screenshots we would eventually have no followers.

What do I do on a Takeover

There is nothing you have to do while on a Takeover, just be sure to make it interesting. If you are still stuck for ideas a popular activity while on a Takeover is to do a series of Q&A and let the followers ask you questions and you answer them. If you are not into that then you can always perform a strip tease

How do I sign up for a Takeover

There are a few ways, you can add and message ddownunder6 on Snapchat. You can send us a message via our Contact Page or you can email

Takeover Examples

Here are few different examples of Takeovers that appear on our Account ddownunder6

Clothed Takeover

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All Day Takeover

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Explicit Takeover